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Creative Spark

​​​​​​​Recover or discover your hidden inner artist self with six weeks of fun, simple, and easy lessons. If you're looking to build some confidence and get some basic tools and techniques under your belt as you begin to embrace yourself as artist, this course is for you.

Week One

During the first week, we'll start simple, look at drawing from various perspectives, do a fun and easy exercise to get you in the groove, and get to know a few anti resistance devices.

Week Two

This week we'll start looking at the world the way an artist does, get acquainted with our personal imagery, look at ways to use it, and gather some collage materials.

Week Three

This week we're creating backgrounds! We'll look at creating texture, making collage, dip our toes into colour, and do a fun little exercise with cling film.

Week Four

Week four is all about colour! No complex colour theory, but just enough to start getting comfortable with it, and most importantly discovering your favourites and how you can use them to express yourself in your art.

Week Five

This week we're looking at the power of using words in art, how other artists do it, and how we can express ourselves through words in our art.

Week Six

In the final week we bring together everything we've done so far to create a painting on canvas from start to finish. 

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